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Motion Control Products from a High Tech DistributorGeneral Controls Electronics is your source for MOTION CONTROL PRODUCTS. As a High Technology Distributor we represent leading edge manufacturers in the arena of motion control. These world class manufacturers include: Baldor, Balluff, Danaher Linear, Deltran PT, Empire Magnetics, Inc., Hitachi, Intelligent Motion Systems, Leeson, Micron, Monitouch HMI, Oriental Motor, Pacific Scientific, saia-burgess, Ledex & Dormeyer Products, Seco, Thomson, and Superior Electric. These products include a wide product range of sensors, drives, controllers, motors and solenoids. Expert application assistance is available to assist you in making an accurate product selection.

As an extended service to our customers General Controls Electronics has included an on site machine shop for your convenient "VALUE ADD" needs. Our experienced machinist will assist you with any questions you might have regarding specific requirements for your modification.

Demonstration products are available upon request. Call 800.537.2466 for immediate help with your motion control needs.

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